The Homing


An eclectic group of musicians hailing from all round the world bringing together a varied skill set, culminating in a unique fusion of rock n’ roll and folk. The Camden based band have released two albums with no sign of slowing down and with a third album in the pipeline. The Homing have drawn from a wide range of influences which are well reflected in their own music. A powerful live act and a brilliant studio band.


Our Thoughts

Valley of Bones is the first album from this internationally eclectic group of musicians, who play many instruments which ruminates in their style of music, which is very American folk/pop/soft rock sound.
The lead singer has a very distinctive voice, similar to that of the great Stevie Nicks, we were very impressed with the album, and would ask any music lover to take a jump and listen to there latest single called Friendly Fire, which is produced by a guy who has worked with Led Zeppelin of all people. The Homing are a band you can see live, and unlike many bands, their music is just as good live as it is on the album! True performers through and through.

Their second album, In the Wood, is a different feel to their first and more expansive in terms of genre. The first song on the album is the well written and produced Friendly Fire, of which there is a new single recently released. This is a track that would not be out of place in any Fleetwood Mac album and once again the powerful singing, strong guitar riffs and exotic backing melodies that are becoming more synonymous with The Homing are ever more displayed. We at Arkangel rate it very highly. We move onto track 2 and track 3 which are you’re average album-filler tracks you get on every album.
We then started to listen to track 4 which took awhile to get going but had a good bridge and chorus, We felt this song could have been better and in our view is a slightly missed opportunity. Moving on to tracks 5,6 and 7, which are a return to the very country /folk sounding records of The Homing’s debut album. We think they tagged nicely into the theme of the album. However, by far and away our favourite from In the Wood is track 9, Devil Bone. A high octane rock n’ roll song with a heavy dosage of blues and folk that demands you get up and dance. Our favourite track on the whole album and we at Arkangel believe should be the next of The Homing’s singles. Track 10 is the namesake song of the album, In the Wood, and ends the whole album of well, nicely produced and a good second album. Overall, In the Wood was an interesting foray into different genres by The Homing and a good album to demonstrate the skill of individual band members without straying too far from the feel of the original album. We can’t wait for more!







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