Ro-Mina is the definition of an up-and-coming artist. She is a singer/songwriter based out of Philadelphia making dance tracks harking back to the heyday of the European dance scene whilst tying in to her own feelings and individuality. An all-round talented musician which we at Arkangel are sure will hear lots more of!

Our Thoughts

Ro-Mina’s new song ‘Queen of the Night’ is the second single from this new European dance music artist. We must admit that we at Arkangel are certain that this track will be very popular in Europe, the sound reminds us of one of the 90s biggest dance artists, called 2 Unlimited. It’s an excellent track, and its impossible to stop your feet tapping as you listen. We can easily see Ro-Mina going from strength to strength if she carries on with the path she’s set herself on. We foresee this being a big hit in Europe for sure, as well as seeing this on many dance compilations online and played at many clubs. Thumbs up from us with the hope of more songs coming soon!