Marina V


Marina V is a Russian-American singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles who is right on the precipice of stardom. Born in Moscow and living in the United States, Marina has already proven herself to be an experienced musician with a massive international fanbase that grows every single day. Having already played shows all over the world and, with the support of her husband and co-writer Nick Baker, has self-produced a multitude of albums that we hope just keeps growing. Marina has won a plethora of prestigious awards and worked alongside some of the biggest names in the business and we at Arkangel can’t help but think that this girl will be right up in the top flights of the pop genre very soon.

Our Thoughts

We are extremely lucky to have previewed Marina’s new album. First and foremost, let us just say simply that its excellent. There is also a cover of The Scorpion’s “Wind of Change” in there as an extra, which we believe is certainly a brilliant take on the original song. The whole album is simply a pleasure to listen to. We must say that the stand out tracks of the album, of which there certainly are many, are for us the songs “Run”, “Win” and “Speak”. In our opinion all three of these songs should be released individually as singles and certainly have the strength to stand up by themselves..

Firstly, “Run” is a very ghostly-sounding, sensual track, and a beautifully relaxing song to listen to. Secondly, our personal favourite which “Win”  is a track which makes Miranda throw of her winter coat and show off her spectacular vocal range and ability to change any listener’s mood instantly. A truly brilliant track all round. Then finally we have the introductory track to the album, which is as good an intro track as we’ve heard, and is called “Speak”. This track reminds us very distinctly of Tori Amos’, haunting lyrics and voice. Marina’s singing lifts you through the clouds as if you were taking a melodic journey to heaven, accompanied by an elegant violin backing.We would certainly persuade anyone to buy this album. A truly excellent piece of lyrical and vocal artwork.