About Us

We at Arkangel are lovers of music. We are connoisseurs of compositions. We are admirers of melodies. We are enthusiasts of expression.

Arkangel Musik is a website set up simply to spread the music of small-time artists and bands. We intend to become a database of reviews for new, up-and-coming musicians looking to make it big. The idea for Arkangel stems from the knowledge and experiences we have had in our personal lives and the belief that every composer, songwriter and musician should have a chance to get their work, their art, seen and heard. It is our firm belief that around the world are millions of future big stars and billions of future hit songs. Our job is to collate the work and background of as many of these artists as possible, then display them. Advertise them. Make people aware of the music that is out there just waiting to be heard.



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